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from the Lviv National Philharmonic 

at 18:00(GMT+2) 


The war disrupts our lives, the routines we had, and the plans we made. It seems like yesterday we filled up our restaurants, cafes, and theatres with family and friends. But today we leave our homes and say goodbye to our loved ones.

The war in the 21st century in Europe might seem unthinkable, and yet, the reality turned out to be too fragile. Canceled events are a part of all traumatic changes. Weeks of bloodshed have crossed out every little bit of normal life for the Ukrainian artists, including workshops and friendly meetings with colleagues and fans.

The Unplayed Concert features Ukraine's leading musicians who gather to perform the pieces they planned to play across the country in peaceful circumstances. The raised funds will be donated to support the most vulnerable Ukrainian academic musicians affected by this war.


Valentin Silvestrov – Serenade for violin 3' 

Gabriel Faure – Aprês un rêve  op. 7 4'

Olivier Messiaen – Theme and variations for violin and piano 8'

Olivier Messiaen – Louange à l'Éternité de Jésus from Le Quatuor pour la fin du Temps for cello and piano 7‘

Zoltan Almashi – Mikrokosm 1 і Mikrokosm 2,  for two cellos 7'

Morton Feldman – Vertical thoughts II for violin and piano 5

Boris Lyatoshynsky – Prelude op. 38 #1 for piano 5' 

Viktor Kosenko – Consolation for piano 3'

Svyatoslav Lunyov – Mardongs (extraits) for piano 7'

Francis Poulenc – Sonata for clarinet and piano 8'

Friz Kreisler – Vienesse rhapsodic fantasietta for violin and piano 9'

Some of the key pieces you will find in the programme belong to the Ukrainian composers: the prelude of Boris Lyatoshynsky written in the times of evacuation during the WWII, the Serenade of Valentyn Silvestrov, Mikrokosmos of Zoltán Almáshi, and Mardongs of Svyatoslav Lunyov who is now defending Kyiv alongside other volunteers. The programme will be crowned with the Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen who wrote it in a German concentration camp.


Antonii Baryshevskyi, piano
Aleksey Semenenko, violin
Orest Smovzh, violin
Viktor Rekalo, cello
Zoltan Almashi, cello

Dmytro Pashynskyi, clarinet